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Tax deductions for truckers

Truck drivers Attention If you want a larger tax refund to which they must claim all that you are entitled to!

Truck drivers are a special kind of tax. If you drive a company or an owner / operator, you make a special set of deduction of tax expenditures for truckers who pay more taxes do not.

The first thing to do is maintain some kind of tax diary or a journal of what's going to be able to claim deductions.

Below is just some of the things that are tax deductible.

Antennas, batteries (for flashlight, and the truck), folders, blankets, boots, briefcases, calculators, CB repairs, CB 鈥 檚, cell, chain, checking account fees (ATM transactions for payment, as 鈥 檙 and away from your home bank), things chrome, cleaning expenses, com check, coveralls, Federal Express (UPS, mail forwarding commercial or other mail that is necessary because of absence household), flashlights, gloves, hand tools, ice box, insurance, laundry service, legal fees (not fines, but the cost of legal fees to defend himself and court costs), the lights , the record books, luggage, binders, maps, motels, office supplies, pens, permits, pillows, radio repairs, ropes and equipment, safety equipment, safety glasses, scales, scanners, sheets, showers posters, smelly things, special clothing, special equipment, stapler, staples, stereo, storage, sunglasses, canvas, taxis, tires, tolls, tool boxes, organizations of trucks, truck parking, truck wash, newspapers and magazines, television truck drivers, and uniforms

In addition to these tax deductions for truck drivers can also deduct their meals away from home. This can add several thousand dollars in tax deductions if you are on the road a lot.

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