Kanye West New Album 2010 – July Update

If you know anything about Kanye West, you know that there is usually a media circus around him – or something you have done – or something you said. While he has learned in the past as someone who has hated Twitter (and some presidents), sometimes people forget that he is actually a good musician. I do not know if I would give him the title of poet, however, but on the road, maybe. (On a side note, I love to see a serious book of poetry published by Yeezy. Bet it would sell.) But back to the new Kanye West album.If have not heard, which was leaked a few months ago that was to be called Good Ass Job. I'm beginning to think he was amused by the media or the use of media to get rumors about her new album – before the name was released, even. Now what? Well, K West has embraced Twitter – a place he hated in the past. One of his first tweets was: "The album is no longer called" Good Ass Job "I'm jumping off a couple of titles around now …" I like to see your face when you wrote that. It was all tongue in cheek to get some media exposure? Whatever the reason for changing the name of Kanye West's new album, fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting the rumored September 14, 2010 release date. In the days and months ahead, you can expect many, many jokes and misinformation about the new Kanye West. It is always best to consult the official websites for the latest information about Kanye West. Now it's easier than ever since the Tweeting – a lot. Not all tweets are in capital letters, either, which is good.It remains to be seen if Kanye is going to concentrate on music again and come out with an album in 2010, which is better than anything he has done in the past. When one takes into account the work already done, however, you can see how big of a task this really is. One thing is certain. if Kanye West is half as good in music as it is in the marketing and use of mass media to their advantage, the new album is gonna be off the hook. From the first single – Power – that was released, however, it seems that Mr. West can mix politics and personal life more deeply, even in his music.

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